All guns need to be stored securely in an approved safety device or gun safe. However not all gun safes are built equally. Your safe needs to be robust and have the ability to be locked in place, whilst providing easy access when needed. It is also recommended that it is concealed out of general sight. Guns and ammunition need to be stored separately and accessed using different keys. Gun safes with integrated lock boxes overcome this problem.

Protex GS-13 gun safe is a mid-sized safe suitable for firearms up to 43” tall. A beautiful slim line design allowing you to conceal it into the smallest of alcoves. Unlike the GS-14, this safe uses biometric security. No more stolen or lost keys to worry about, the safe requires a fingerprint in order to open. This provides a higher level of security and allows the safe to be opened quickly in an emergency.

In order to comply with regulations about firearms and ammunition being stored separately, the internal lock box does require a key. This box is at the top of the safe giving easy access to the contents whilst providing secure storage.

The safe can be attached securely using the 2 pre-drilled holes to ensure it cannot be removed. The door is made of 3mm metal and has solid hinges to ensure that it cannot be breached. It has a built in shelf with slots for firearms to be stowed safely, preventing them from falling and becoming damaged.

This gun safe will be the ideal addition to your home, keeping guns away from prying eyes and small fingers.

The perfect accompaniment to your guns and equipment, this stylish safe will fit in any home.

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Hold up to 3 shotguns

Biometric operation

Installation accessories are included

Emergency keys are included

2 Pre-Drill Whole


Exterior Dimension: 52.16”H X 9.80”W X 8.58”D

Interior Dimension:43.94”H X 9.72”W X 6.30” D

Door clearance: 49.72”H X 7.38”W

Door Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 55 lbs

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