Whoever tells you that filing cabinets look unattractive has not seen our beautiful range. Protex filing cabinet safes give you the ability to lock away items of value with either a key or keyless technology.

Although this unit is narrower than our FCS-8002 filing cabinet, both are the same height and depth. This means that they can sit side by side to appear as one larger unit.

Made from durable cream metal, our cabinet provides a heavy duty shelving system that is adjustable. Depending on the items that you wish to store you can either split the space equally or have one tall and one small shelf.

In addition to the shelving system, the filing cabinet comes with an integrated locked drawer at the base of the unit. This provides a double layer of security for valuable items or sensitive files.

To prevent the cabinet from being stolen, it comes with 2 pre-drilled holes which allow you to secure it to a wall. To lock the filing cabinet you can either opt for a key or an integrated keypad. The keypad can be programmed to a code that is unique to you.

With superior build quality and attractive design, this filing cabinet will compliment any office or home. It is designed to last and to provide the security and easy storage that you need.

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2 Predrill holes

Dual operation: Electronic keypad or physical keys

One inner drawer

Installation accessories and power override box are included


Exterior Dimension: 35.43”H X 21.65”W X 16.93”D

Interior Dimension:24.8”H X 21.57”W X 13.39” D

Door Clearance: 31.38”H X 18.98”W

Door Thickness: 1.2mm

Weight: 71 lbs

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